About The Esthetician

Annette Sonntag has over 25 years of experience as a licensed esthetician & skincare expert and is licensed to practice in Nevada and California. Annette has worked extensively for well-known names in the beauty and skincare industry: Shiseido, Origins, Perricone MD and PCA Skin to name a few. Annette constantly completes advanced training to stay abreast of the latest anti-aging skincare treatments, new technology and medical breakthroughs. She integrates the latest “state of the art” equipment, technology, and techniques into her facial treatments. Annette’s facial treatments compliment Dr. Yamamoto procedures. These treatments are the best way to insure your investment in you! She is a strong believer in conveying to her clients a realistic expectation of the result outcome of facial procedures performed by her. She wants her clients to be on the same page as to what their expectation vs. a realistic result is. Her clients will be advised on which products are necessary for home care regimen by walking them through a step-by-step instruction on how to use their products to keep their skin looking younger, brighter, and tighter. Annette’s easiest tip to correct and or maintain beautiful skin is to use professional skincare products formulated with medical grade and natural ingredients. A little bit of nature and science is the perfect marriage for healthy, rejuvenated skin! Annette provides her clients with excellent service in a relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere. She caters to all your skin needs including a full wax bar. Annette looks forward to pampering your skin so you will feel rejuvenated, relaxed and glowing when you leave her chair.